The CoolCooker is a mini-refrigeration and slow-cooking unit that switches modes based on a built-in timer.

The preparation time for almost all our recipes is 10–20 minutes, and you can program the CoolCooker up to 24 hours before your meal time. If you’re using a favorite recipe for a standard slow cooker, add a half hour to take into account the time it will take your meal to warm from refrigeration mode.

What makes the CoolCooker different


  • Suitable for all slow cooker recipes
  • Overnight cooling perfect for cheese cake
  • Refrigeration function ideal for yogurt making
  • Temperature control precise enough to try Sous-vide cooking*

*Safe sous-vide cooking requires exact temperatures. Check your cooker temperature to ensure accuracy before you attempt a sous-vide recipe.

Technical Specifications

The CoolCooker is large enough to feed a family of four, but small enough not to overwhelm you with leftovers. The precision temperature allows you to control your cooking, so that your food comes out exactly how you want it, when you want it.

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