A refrigerated slow cooker? WHOSE idea was that?

One day, Brian and his wife Anne were out to eat with their friend Mike. They’d been eating out a lot lately, and they wanted a change. The conversation turned to slow cookers, and all agreed they had some major drawbacks:

  • Brian and Anne both worked, so neither was home to start their slow cooker during the day.
  • Many of their recipes only called for a 4-hour cooking time, which meant that if they started the cooker earlier in the day, their dinner would be overcooked and soggy.
  • They didn’t have time to make dinner in the morning. But, if they left the ceramic pot in the refrigerator overnight, it insulated the food so well that it delayed the cooking time and increased the risk of food poisoning.
  • And, of course, if anyone forgot to move the pot from the refrigerator to the slow cooker, there would be no dinner ready and waiting when they came home.

Anne defined the problem: she needed a slow cooker that would keep her food cool through the night and then turn on and start cooking at the right time. Was such an invention possible?

Brian invents the CoolCooker

As it turned out, both Brian and Mike were highly technical people. Mike had an industry background, and Brian spent his career building scientific instruments at NASA. Between the two of them, they sketched out a plan for how the CoolCooker might work, and then Brian set to work making that idea into reality. But, of course, it was a little more difficult than they thought.


It took over ten years to perfect the invention. The CoolCooker spent plenty of time on kitchen tables and in basements. It’s been through many prototypes and hundreds of hours of testing to create the most efficient system of ductwork, fans, heat sinks, materials effectiveness and electronic controls. Brian and Anne traveled three times to the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, and presented their invention appliance companies. It’s been a long journey.


But the CoolCooker does just what they wanted it to: now they can make dinner the night before, set the timer, and come home to a home-cooked meal—with no steps in between.

Does this story sound like you?

Brian invented the CoolCooker with people like you in mind. He saw a need, and devised a solution. If the problems we shared sound familiar, then CoolCooker is the appliance for you.


eat better. feel better. be better.