5 Sous-Vide Nutrition Facts For the Healthy Home Chef

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Sous-vide doesn’t just taste better: it’s healthier, too.

If you’ve already tried sous-vide, you’re already familiar with its many advantages as a way to prepare food. Sous-vide allows you to prepare meals in advance and cook them to a perfectly even temperature, all the way through. For meats such as beef, chicken, or fish, this means no more overcooking or wondering if an uneven fillet has cooked all the way through. For vegetables, you no longer need to worry about soggy, overcooked food as they come out at the perfect al dente texture every time.

What you may not know is that sous-vide is also healthier than other cooking methods. Many studies have already shown that home-cooked food is healthier than eating out. When you cook from home, you’re more in control of the ingredients that go into your food. You’re better able to manage allergens and special dietary needs, and you tend to exercise better portion control. But sous-vide nutrition benefits go well beyond home cooking, and strike at the heart of what makes sous-vide such an appealing choice for the home chef. Here are our top 5 sous-vide nutrition facts for all our health-conscious foodies.

1. No need for fats and oils to cook.

When you sauté meat or vegetables, you usually need to add oil or fat to the pan to keep your ingredients from burning as they cook. However, sous-vide cooking happens by a sealed, water-immersion method, meaning you don’t have to add extra fat for the cooking process. Of course, many sous-vide recipes may suggest adding some butter to your vegetables for flavor, and if you choose to pan sear your meat when it’s done cooking you will need oil for the pan. But in both these instances you can use far less fat, allowing you more control over how much you add.

2. More flavor with less salt.

We often add salt to food to enhance and bring out some of its natural flavors. But because of the way ingredients are sealed during sous-vide cooking, they retain their flavors requiring less salt. No need to compensate for lost flavor with added sodium: sous-vide keeps the natural flavors intact.

3. Retain vitamins.

Vegetables are hard to prepare without losing some of their nutritional value. Many vitamins and minerals are water soluble, meaning that they slowly leach out when boiled, and to a lesser extent when steamed. And if your cooking method involves sautéing them on a stove with oil, you risk losing fat-soluble vitamins the same way. But with sous-vide, there’s no water and no added fat, meaning your vegetables retain their vitamins and their nutritional value.

4. Less charring.

One of the great benefits of the sous-vide method is that it reduces the amount of time your food needs to spend on the grill or in the pan. When meat cooks at high temperatures, the meat chars, releasing chemicals which have been linked to cancer and destroying some of the nutritional benefits of the food. While the potential carcinogens may only be a factor if you eat large quantities of well-done meat, sous-vide certainly helps you attain a wonderful grilled taste without having to leave your food over the coals for more than a few minutes.

5. Less risk of food-borne illness.

If ordering your steak rare has typically left you anxious about the possibility of food poisoning, now you can enjoy a juicy, perfectly-cooked piece of meat with full peace of mind. Food safety is mostly a function of time and temperature, so while sous-vide cooks food at a lower temperature than normal, the length of time involved leaves it safely pasteurized.

Start taking advantage of sous-vide nutrition benefits today.

Good food and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. At CoolCooker, we believe you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of a delicious home-cooked meal, right when you get home from work, and without having to take time away from your friends and family. The CoolCooker lets you prepare your sous-vide recipes ahead of time, so that you can have them ready to go when you get home. Order your CoolCooker today, and start enjoying sous-vide for yourself.

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