Healthy, efficient meals.


A slow cooker with a built-in refrigerator
and timer
that automatically switches
from cooling to cooking.

Prepare your meals when it’s convenient
for you
, have them ready when you come home.

It Cools

It Cools

Prepare your food ahead of time, and set the finish time. CoolCooker keeps it refrigerated until the programmed time, then automatically switches to cooking mode.

Then it Cooks

Then it Cooks

CoolCooker uses precise temperature control and an automatic timer to cook your food so that it’s ready when you want it. Delicious food, perfectly prepared.

Then cools again

Then cools again

If your plans change, or if you’re late getting home, CoolCooker keeps your food warm for four hours before automatically switching back to refrigerator mode. No need to rush!

What people are saying

Makes a Great Gift!
Purchased the Coolcooker as a wedding gift for my granddaughter that just got married. One of my young relatives just bought the new Vitamix S55 blender for $450, so I thought the price for the Coolcooker was reasonable. You can spend $100-$300 just for a coffee pot (single serve).

By Auntie Mame

The best replacement for a range and a crockpot!
Lovely product. It keeps food cool until it cooks it then cools it down again.

By R.A.J.

Good name- cooler and a cooker
Still working on the many recipes. Great so far with Mac & Cheese and sausage (chorizo worked well for us) and rice. I really want to try the cheese cake recipe. We have even used it as a fridge to watch over the leftovers until the next day. Easy to use and set up. It’s like someone else prepared the meal for us.

By Dan Delaney

O.K. So, I am not a cook. But the CoolCooker has given me the confidence to try new things in the kitchen because every time I use the CoolCooker the meal turns out really delicious. And it’s definitely convenient. I have fun putting the ingredients together the night before, programing the CoolCooker and letting it do its thing.

Once I get home and put the meal on the table, it’s awesome seeing the delight on my wife’s face. The aroma and taste are wonderful and she’s really pleased that she didn’t have to do a thing! Tonight was no exception.

I made Millie’s Baked Sausage, Chicken and Lentils. Yummy. (By the way, one of the things I love about the CoolCooker is that it keeps vegetables crisp even when they’re fully cooked.) So, now there’s a big smile on my face because my wife loved her CoolCooker meal and loved that her guy made it. Winner.

By Don


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